We offer the following lessons. For complete beginners we recommend following the lessons in order from the beginning. More experienced users can skip ahead or work on areas they haven't yet mastered.
Lesson 1: Introduction Lesson 2: Strings Lesson 3: Variables Lesson 4: Practical challenges I Lesson 5: Function calls Lesson 6: Function definitions Lesson 7: Practical challenges II Lesson 8: Types and casts Lesson 9: Booleans Lesson 10: Practical challenges III Lesson 11: Conditionals Lesson 12: Comparisons Lesson 13: Practical challenges IV Lesson 14: Lists Lesson 15: Using lists I Lesson 16: Using lists II Lesson 17: Practical challenges V Lesson 18: For loops Lesson 19: While loops Lesson 20: Practical challenges VI Lesson 21: Loop tips Lesson 22: Continue and break Lesson 23: Practical challenges VII